Fact Sheet

Gwydir Valley demonstration of the application of the latest digital technologies for precise automated irrigation

This project is providing growers with commercially relevant information about how to best utilise irrigation monitoring tools and decision support systems to optimise irrigation. It is also providing advice on the installation and management of automated and autonomous irrigation systems.

The project builds on five years of Irrigation System Comparisons at Keytah, Moree, where drip, lateral move, siphon and bankless channel are being assessed for their water use efficiency and yield performance. These systems are being enhanced through addition of new technologies such as Padman Stops Bankless Channel Bay Outlets incorporating Auto-winches and enabling remote irrigation of the whole 500ha field and the EnviroNode Farm Automation Controller (EFAC) which enables smart siphons to be started or stopped remotely via the EnviroDash from any web enabled mobile device.

For further information download the fact sheet or contact Lou Gall, Project Leader. Contact details found in the downloadable PDF.