Fact Sheet

Irrigation Tools and Technologies

Irrigated agriculture produces 30 percent of all agricultural production in Australia, and half the profit. Irrigators across Australia are constantly striving to improve the irrigation water use efficiency of their operations.
Smarter Irrigation for Profit Phase 1 (SIP1) found irrigators could improve productivity by 10-30% through improved irrigation scheduling. The challenge is choosing the tools and technologies that suit individual farm needs, weather conditions, soils and crops.

This document is designed for farmers and extension providers as a simple resource to assist the selection of the most appropriate irrigation tools and technologies for their needs. It provides a summary of a range of irrigation tools and technologies that monitor, manage, sense and automate water movement or irrigation events. The majority of commercial examples included were utilised by Smarter Irrigation for Profit participants.

Smarter Irrigation for Profit is not endorsing any product. Tools will need to be considered in the context of your own circumstances.