Fact Sheet

Key Learning Sites Southern NSW (making the most of water)

This project aims to increase water productivity and profitability by expanding growers’ knowledge of irrigation technology and best practice management.

The project is grower driven with four grower groups, the Irrigation Research and Extension Committee (IREC), Central West Farming Systems (CWFS), Irrigated Cropping Council (ICC) and Southern Growers (SG) involved in the management of the sites. A range of technologies are being used to demonstrate best practice management including soil moisture monitoring and automation.

An annual field day is  held at each of the key learning sites, in addition to inter-valley tours to enable growers from other regions to gain knowledge from work done outside their district.   A feature of the project is the establishment of the Murray Valley Soil Moisture website (http://murrayvalleysoilmoisture.site/). The website provides real time information from soil moisture monitoring equipment installed at each of the Key Learning Sites (KLS) as well as two case study farms. The website allows growers to see how soil moisture data is used for scheduling irrigations, and how to monitor the effect and extent of rainfall events and plant growth on soil moisture.

For further information download the fact sheet or contact Alex Shultz, Project Leader. Contact details in downloadable PDF.