Using Pasture.io on your farm

Join us to hear the Dairy Australia webinar which looking at the impact of monitoring yield under irrigation
The webinar was presented by Dr James Hills, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Ollie Roberts and Juan Molfino from Pasture.io
Together James, Ollie and Juan presented the features of Pasture.io, how it is used and the benefits it will bring to the Smarter Irrigation for Profit 2 project, for both farmers involved in the project and the project itself. Real data will be used to demonstrate how the information from satellite imagery, local weather and paddock data is combined to generate information to assist on farm decision making.
Topics included in the discussions were
 Pasture.io automates dry matter measurements
 Pasture.io and how and why it is being used within the current Smarter Irrigation for Profit project.
 What else does pasture.io do
 Benefits of pasture.io
 Opportunity to use further features of pasture.io within the Smarter Irrigation project