Fact Sheet

Scaling irrigation management to support whole farm operations

This project is addressing the challenge of managing gravity fed irrigation at a whole-of-farm scale by developing a system which has the potential to manage over 200 bays. It also aims to integrate irrigation decisions with grazing decisions to save time and water. The project builds on the success of previous research, integrating satellite-based irrigation scheduling and new irrigation bay designs into a farm water management system.

The research aims to support farmers achieve consistently high irrigation efficiencies using a satellite-based whole farm irrigation management system that:

  • reduces farmer management of individual irrigations,
  • has minimal requirement for in-field instrumentation and telemetry,
  • is adaptive to the schedules of other farm operations (e.g. grazing),
  • incorporates management of irrigation water reuse systems, and;
  • maintains ongoing irrigation performance benchmark data.

For further information down load the fact sheet or contact Andy McAllister, Project Leader. Contact details in downloadable PDF.